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HUGE RAINS are coming to the AirWire community!

10KtoRain AirWire PromotionWe are currently running a promotion with the goal of reaching 10,000 followers on Twitter (https://twitter.com/airwireofficial). This is our biggest promotion yet!

AirWire is the fastest and easiest way to send cryptocurrency to anyone in the world. It is also a patent-pending, fully-functional platform that has been in operation since 2017. With our advanced features, you can send cryptocurrency to anyone through SMS (text), email, social networks, QR codes, or custom links–even when the recipient hasn’t set up the required digital crypto wallet. There is no quicker way to reach mass adoption than to make cryptocurrency easily accessible to the masses!

Our patent-pending protocols focus on acquiring, onboarding, and wallet auto-generation for the user. It doesn’t require the recipient to pre-download the corresponding wallet, or distribute their address in advance, nor does it require advanced knowledge that a transaction is about to occur. More info at airwire.io

Here’s the Prize Plan:

At 7000 Twitter Followers: 500 WIRE Rain and 100 WIRE Lightning Strike

At 8000 Twitter Followers: 750 WIRE Rain and 250 WIRE Lightning Strike

At 9000 Twitter Followers: 1000 WIRE Rain and 500 WIRE Lightning Strike

At 10,000 Twitter Followers: A MASSIVE 2000 WIRE Rain and 1000 WIRE Lightning Strike!!

ADDITIONALLY: Once we reach 10,000 Twitter Followers, we will select 10 Twitter users who compose a tweet using the “#10KtoRain” hashtag and “@airwireofficial” handle on Twitter. Those users will receive 100 WIRE each (hint: bonus points if you use an image/GIF in your tweet)

The more you tweet, the better chance you have of winning. To showcase how easy it is to send WIRE via Twitter, these tokens will be sent to Twitter DM.

How to Participate:

  • Join the AirWire Discord community (https://discord.gg/5JCVXjw) and get acquainted with the #wire-rains channel. (Check the channel’s pinned message for more information). You’ll need to be an active member of this channel with a minimum level of 5 to get the Rains and Lightning Strikes.
  • Retweet This: https://twitter.com/AirWireOfficial/status/1066817909283086341
  • Follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/airwireofficial) (We can’t send you the Twitter DM prizes unless you’re following us)
  • Compose tweets using “#10KtoRain” and “@airwireofficial”
    You can
    use this click-to-tweet — personalize it and tag friends to get started.
    (Multiple entries are encouraged, but please DO NOT SPAM!)
  • Be welcoming and helpful to new members (This will also help you level up on the Discord channels)
  • Enjoy the rain (and bring an umbrella!)

10KtoRain AirWire Promotion

For questions, please check our AirWire #10KtoRain Terms and Conditions

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