AirWire Acquires Cryptocurrency Project

Published by Daniel Wagner on

AirWire is pleased to announce its acquisition of the cryptocurrency project Kryptonium!  

Kryptonium (KRYP) is a privacy coin featuring I2P, Ring CTs, private or public ledgers, encrypted P2P chat, atomic swaps, and mobile mining. Before we address future plans and aspirations, such as potential Kryptonium technology integrations, we would like to offer a warm welcome to the Kryptonium team and community into the AirWire family.

Why are we doing this?

The cryptocurrency landscape is a rapidly changing environment and all companies must be willing to capitalize on opportunities to grow their projects to their highest levels of success. Both Kryptonium and AirWire understand this. The bear market has been especially brutal for talented, but undercapitalized, companies. AirWire recognized early on that consolidation in the space would be a necessity and has maintained open lines of communications with many companies that fit our internal criteria and future vision. Kryptonium and AirWire have kept close ties for many months while we gained a better understanding each other’s companies.

How does this benefit you?

Absorbing Kryptonium opens up incredible opportunities for AirWire. AirWire will create new, but similar, roles for the Kryptonium team to make an immediate business impact. Adding 10 key personnel to our already amazing team will add jet fuel to our daily operations. We will increase our social media presence as well as expand into new territories. Development, Partnerships, Customer Service, and Marketing will be just some of the efficiencies attained by this acquisition.

What to Expect During the Transition

AirWire will be absorbing the 15+ person team of Kryptonium, including founders, as well as their community of:

  • Telegram – 91k+ Members
  • Twitter – 21k+ Followers
  • Reddit – 5k+ Subscribers
  • Discord – 4k+ Members
  • Kryp Token – 57k+ Addresses

We will be swapping all of Kryptonium’s current token holders at a ratio of 1 WIRE for every 100 KRYP. We will also be locking swapped team tokens for 6 months. This ratio was decided upon by both parties by considering the current value of each token and additional metrics. Kryptonium was still in its early stages and only executed one airdrop, indicating a majority of KRYP tokens have not been distributed. The low distribution amount means a small amount of WIRE will be required to fully administer the swap.

What Do You Need to Do?

You, as new WIRE token holders, will enter into AirWire’s platform where you can earn more WIRE and tokens from our 20+ partners through airdrops and bounties; a win-win-win scenario for everyone involved.

We recommend KRYP holders complete the Merger Checklist, in order, to educate yourself on the AirWire platform and WIRE token you are now a part of:

Beyond the checklist, we invite all Kryptonium users to purchase additional WIRE through our exchanges for use on the platform, staking, or securing our network by locking 35,000 WIRE in a Masternode.

We look forward to the great accomplishments that will be achieved through this merger. AirWire will continue to pursue every avenue to grow our platform, ecosystem, user base, and utility for our WIRE token. Together, we are stronger!

Daniel Wagner

Daniel Wagner is a father of four, writer, creator, political/philosophical commentator, blockchain enthusiast, and crypto-communicator. He is the Director of Marketing for AirWire, educating noobs about the blockchain industry since 2015. You can contact him at [email protected]