AirWire CoinVote: Month 1

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AirWire has initiated the CoinVote Portal as a new listing procedure for lower-cap coins with limited funds and top-tier decentralized coins with no company structure behind them. There are many benefits to using AirWire’s platform and technology:

  • Send and receive coins through SMS, email, or social media.
  • Conduct automated airdrops and bounties to grow their community directly inside the platform.
  • Not to mention our Advertising and Marketplace portals which are in the final stages of development.

Collectively, everyone can enjoy a larger and stronger user-base by being an active participant in AirWire’s ecosystem.

AirWire’s CoinVote provides an alternative to our normal listing procedure for select cryptocurrency projects. In the CoinVote Portal, each coin is given a WIRE token goal to meet. The company and the community can then donate WIRE through the CoinVote Portal to meet their designated goal and grant their coin integration into our platform.

Each month a new round of coins will join the AirWire CoinVote in “Premium” or “Economy” categories. “Premium” will be top-tier coins that do not have a corporate structure behind them. Premium coins will not have a deadline to meet their WIRE goal. They will stay active in the CoinVote until the community meets their WIRE goal. “Economy” will be coins that have companies we have been engaged with. These coins will have 30 days to meet their WIRE donation goal to be listed on the platform.

Welcome the Month 1 Participants: Doge (DOGE), Digibyte (DGB), Horizon State (HST), & Paws (PAWS)

Current partnerships and community members will benefit from the network effect AirWire will gain from CoinVote participants meeting their goals. Anyone can help these coins to get listed by going to the “Coin Vote” tab inside the AirWire platform and transferring WIRE to the address designated for each participant. The votes are already coming in! Let’s continue to grow AirWire into the massive ecosystem it is destined to be.

Start here to vote in the CoinVote Portal!

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