ANN: AirWire Partnering with Bitcoin Air!

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We at AirWire are proud to announce our partnership with Bitcoin Air!AirWire partnering with Bitcoin Air

AirWire will be listing the Bitcoin Air coin on the AirWire platform for advanced sending and receiving capabilities. Bitcoin Air and their community will have full AirWire platform access to send and receive Bitcoin Air coin through SMS, email, social media, and custom links. Anyone who wishes to, can also create custom Bitcoin Air QR codes to easily deploy future airdrops, bounties, and more to grow their community within our ecosystem.

Bitcoin Air is a bilateral dual-chain blockchain developed to deliver a means of indirect carbon emission reductions through decentralized, trust-less merchant/consumer interactions. Bitcoin Air plans to reduce carbon emissions through the development of a dual chain volatile/stable coin pair dedicated to creating the most versatile and scalable solution for merchant and consumer use. Merchants will be able to transact in cryptocurrency without the worry of profit loss due to fraud or technical issues within their conventional credit card processing equipment. Consumers will be able to transact in a multitude of ways including in person, over the web, or via AirCash Physical Currency!

Bitcoin Air and AirWire share core values. With this partnership, our communities can join forces to provide an integrated environment for high quality blockchain-based services. We welcome Bitcoin Air to our community, and we will provide our support in any way so that both platforms can mutually benefit and achieve the shared vision. AirWire invites the entire Bitcoin Air community to join us at to sign up, and start collecting WIRE—the platform utility token—and start utilizing our advanced features!

You can find more information on our partner Bitcoin Air at


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