ANN: AirWire Partnering with MUXE!

Published by Daniel Wagner on

AirWire is proud to announce our partnership with MUXE (

AirWire will be listing MUXE on the AirWire platform for advanced sending and receiving capabilities. MUXE and their community will have full AirWire platform access to send and receive MUXE tokens through SMS, email, social media, and custom links. MUXE can also create custom QR codes to easily deploy future airdrops, bounties, and more to grow their community within our ecosystem.

The MUXE platform is dedicated to facilitating real-estate related transactions and relationships in a secured P2P environment. Through their easy-to-use interactive platform, you can buy your dream home, rent out extra space in that home, source the best maintenance contractors for your property, order home improvements, and more!

MUXE can help users fill their needs using the latest augmented reality and virtual reality app technology. With these tools, users can make better decisions about potential home improvement projects before the first board is ever cut.

With this partnership, our communities can join forces to provide the easiest method to transact between players in the real-estate and home improvement ecosystem.

We welcome MUXE to our community, and we will provide our support in any way so that both platforms can mutually benefit and achieve the shared vision. AirWire invites the entire MUXE community to join us at to sign up, and start collecting WIRE—the platform utility token—and start utilizing our advanced features! You can find more information on our partner MUXE at


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