ANN: AirWire Partnering with Vitae!

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AirWire is proud to announce our partnership with Vitae.

Vitae will be listed on the AirWire platform for advanced sending and receiving capabilities and other platform features. Vitae token will work as a utility token on our Social Rewards Website (roadmap website release date December 2018). Vitae token will have function within the website programming, and it will provide a way for users to create income in the form of Vitae Tokens within the platform. This facilitates the need for all individuals to create a better lifestyle and prosperity.

Vitae is not just a token.

Much like life, it has a purpose which is to provide prosperity through POS (Proof-of-Stake), Master Node, Super Node and their own Social Rewards Website. We believe in the vision of Vitae with a purpose to change the world and bring freedom back to the individuals. With this partnership, our communities can join forces to provide a future to cryptocurrency, making a difference to everyone.

We will provide our support in any way to make Vitae available around the world via social media; bringing Vitae and providing prosperity to the masses. Vitae and their community will have full AirWire platform access to send and receive Vitae through SMS, email, social media, and custom links. Vitae can also grow their community within our ecosystem by creating custom QR codes to easily deploy future airdrops, bounties, and more! AirWire invites the entire Vitae community to join us at and start collecting WIRE–the platform utility token–and start utilizing our advance features! You can find more information on our partner Vitae at

We welcome Vitae to our community!

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