ANN: WIRE Masternode Monitoring and Pooling

Published by Daniel Wagner on,, and are recognized as the leaders in masternode monitoring services and AirWire is proud to announce its listing of the WIRE token with all of these amazing services! With these listings, WIRE will gain maximum exposure by attracting masternode enthusiasts across the globe.

For some time now, WIRE has been listed at under their Simple Statistics tab; a limited data tab for coins who have yet to be listed on Coinmarketcap. WIRE has now satisfied all requirements and will be listed on the front page of,, and where it can be compared with other top proof-of-stake blockchains using advanced statistics.

We are doing everything we can to make running masternodes as accessible to users as possible. We have created content to serve all levels of technical understanding through our guides, videos, support team—and most recently—an auto compile script. That said, we recognize that not everyone is able to acquire the necessary 35,000 WIRE for a complete masternode. To make our proof-of-stake functionality truly accessible to everyone, we are launching an automated shared staking service through our Discord channels. Now, our community can contribute any spare WIRE they have available to AirWire’s shared MasterNode pools!

This is a tremendous opportunity to increase our user base and the number of masternodes securing our network. Please join us in welcoming and assisting our new community members to enjoy and participate in our groundbreaking platform.

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Daniel Wagner

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