Guide: AirWire Community Rain and Shared Masternode Channels

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Love AirWire but don’t yet have enough WIRE Tokens for a full Masternode (35,000 WIRE tokens)?

Great news!!!

You now have the ability to contribute as little as 20—and up to 3,500—WIRE tokens to a community shared masternode and earn a percentage of the overall rewards in return.

First step is to get in the game and join the AirWire Discord channel ( If at any time, you need help figuring this stuff out, just reach out to the AirWire community. There are a bunch of people who can (and will) help you out. Just know, you’re not alone.

Next, you have to register with the WIRE Bot. To do this, simply type //register into the “#bot-interface” or “#shared-masternode” Discord channels. This will prompt you to check your Private Messages where you and the WIRE Bot will get acquainted. Once you’ve registered, the Bot creates a deposit address just for you! To find out what that address is, enter //deposit. Each time you enter //deposit it will generate a new address that you can deposit WIRE into.

Highlight Deposit Address and copy it.

Head over to to send wire to  your new deposit address. Click “Withdraw.”

Enter the amount to send and paste the deposit address. Click “Continue.”

When funds are received, it will notify you.

With that new address, you can deposit WIRE and it will appear in your Discord account wallet. You can check this at any time by typing //balance. (By the way, for a complete list of commands, you can either type //help in the AirWire Discord chat rooms, or just scroll down to the end of this tutorial.)

What now?

At this point, you now have a number of options:

  1. Just by registering your wallet with the WIRE Bot, your wallet is automatically open for staking. That means that the more WIRE you have in your wallet, the bigger the staking rewards. It’s our way of saying, “thank you for supporting the network.”
  2. By registering your account, you can now enter into the Shared Masternode. This will grant access to the Shared Masternode channel. This is where you can deposit from 20 to 3,500 WIRE in to the Shared Masternode and earn a percentage of the rewards. (If you contribute 3,500 WIRE, that’s 10% of a Masternode and therefore, you’ll get 10% of the rewards.)
  3. You can use your WIRE to rain coins to anyone on the channel who has been actively chatting or engaging with the community. This is similar to releasing your own airdrop. To do this, just type //rain <amount> into the chat and it will rain WIRE to the last active channel chatters (hint: get in there and interact in the community to increase your chances of receiving these gifts).

As an added bonus, we have a real-time price checker so you can check the price of WIRE in BTC, LTC, USD, GBP, and EUR at any time. You can also use this tool to check how much your total WIRE is worth, using the “convert” tool. Check the “Complete List of Commands” section below for how to do this.

Complete List of Commands

WIRE Bot Masternode Account Control Help

//mna check – Check your Account Status

//mna count – View the current count of [bot] Masternode Accounts

//mna reward – Shows your the amount received on last payout

//mna col <amount> – Add Amount of Collateral Funds to your Masternode Account

//mna rem <amount> – Remove Amount of Collateral Funds from your Masternode Account

//mna start – Enable your Bot Masternode Account. This Joins the Pool and Locks your Account

//mna stop – Disable your Bot Masternode Account. This Leaves the Pool and Unlocks your Account

//mna kill – Disables your Bot Masternode Account, and Removes Collateral

Help – Direct Messages

//register – Register with the Bot

//balance – Show your balance

//deposit – Generate a Deposit Address

//withdraw <address> <amount> – Withdraw WIRE to Address  (0.000002 fee + network fees)

//myid – Display your Internal UUID

//dm <Y/n> – Toggle Receiving of Direct Messages on Rain

//dmx <Y/n> – Toggle Receiving of Direct Message Alerts for Rain

//laststake – Show how much you last received from the staking pool

Help – Public Messages

//wire <member> <amount> – Send WIRE

//rain <amount> – Make it Rain WIRE to last Active Channel Chatters

//storm <amount> – Make it Rain WIRE to last Active Channel Chatters

Price Checks

//price – Current price of WIRE

//price btc – Tells how much BTC one WIRE is worth

//price ltc – Tells how much LTC one WIRE is worth

//price eth  – Tells how much ETH one WIRE is worth

//price gbp – Tells how much GBP one WIRE is worth

//price eur – Tells how much EUR one WIRE is worth

//convert usd <amount> – Checks price of WIRE converted to another currency or cryptocurrency. You can insert BTC, LTC, ETH, GBP, or EUR instead of USD. If you enter a currency not listed, it will default to BTC. The <amount> is the amount of wire you want to convert

WIRE Rain Channel Rules

Mandatory: change your Discord avatar to a custom picture

Emojis are ok as long as you also use words

Use real words not (ty, lol, gn, hm)

Do not spam name tags (@name) over and over

No personal attacks, arguing or making fun of others

No spam bots. You will be banned.

No begging for rain or tips

Be creative with your posts. This makes the chat fun, and slower. You only need to post every few minutes to be eligible for rains.

Please use bot commands like //bal, //register and //help in the #bot-interface channels.

Most important: Have fun!

Again, first step is to get in the game and join the AirWire Discord channel ( If at any time, you need help figuring this stuff out, just reach out to the AirWire community. There are a bunch of people who can (and will) help you out.

You’re not alone. Have a great time and bring an Umbrella!


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