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The AirWire platform is now a powerhouse of tools and functionality for our partners and our community. Today, AirWire has released the next wave of features that will lay the foundation for our bustling ecosystem including a platform redesign of many previously existing portals.

EARN Portal

Companies and Individuals will be able to deploy incentivized task completion opportunities inside the EARN portal. Every task or opportunity inside the EARN portal has a built-in auto verification protocol for maximum ease and efficiency. To showcase our latest technology, AirWire already initiated its first bounty inside the platform. Familiarize yourself while earning WIRE tokens so you will be ready when our partners load up the opportunities in the coming weeks. WIRE tokens will be needed by partners and influencers to utilize these features.

Community Coin Vote

Starting May 1st, the coin voting portal will provide small cap projects with promising technology and communities a path to being listed on AirWire’s platform to utilize our advanced technology. Projects and their communities will have to vote with WIRE tokens to meet their specified goals to be eligible for a listing. The WIRE tokens used in the coin vote will be available to the corresponding projects to be used a treasury for fees on the platform. This will be a tremendous opportunity for projects looking to expand their user base and increase the demand for their token. Click here to apply!

Android App on Google Play

AirWire’s new wallet app is available today on Google Play. Download the app here for instant access to your WIRE tokens on your mobile devices. AirWire will continue to build out our mobile apps to incorporate all of the features and technology currently on our web based platform.

Stay tuned for more major releases and partnership announcements in the coming days!

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