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AMchart logoAMCHART is a patient driven EHR on a hybrid public/private blockchain with AI for analytics and an incentive drive model for better outcomes. The incentive drive model is based on maintenance of health records, wellness program participation, population health, and data sharing with certified partners for analytics and proactive healthcare management.


Artchain Global Logo

ArtChain Global is an online platform that tracks, protects and ensures accountability for original artwork. It uses blockchain to give artwork a digital identity, transfer titles between owners and track artist royalties.


bitcoin green logoBitcoin Green is two things: first and foremost, a campaign to raise awareness for sustainability issues arising from the proof-of-work consensus commonly used in public blockchain networks. Secondly, a cryptocurrency that is dramatically faster, cheaper, and more scalable than Bitcoin in its current form.


Bitozz LogoBitozz exchange is creating one of the world’s first derivatives for cryptocurrency where traders have access to a wide variety of trading and investment instruments; enabling a highly liberating, risk-controlled, and seamless trading environment. 

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Edgeless: The Ethereum smart contract powered Casino that offers 0% house edge games and solves the casino transparency question once and for all.



Morpheus Labs Blockchain Platform enables rapid prototyping to efficient deployment of DApps. They are committed to aid enterprises to speed up the development of the blockchain powered projects and to look into commercialization at a fraction of cost and time.


Nodehub logo is an easy-to-use, trustless, and secure masternode hosting platform.

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Ormeus Coin is a new digital money system backed by a fully-audited industrial crypto-mining operation. Revenue from the mining farm is cryptographically tied to the Ormeus Reserve Vault (ORV) through proof of asset technology and self-executing Ethereum Blockchain smart contracts, (ERC20 compliant). 


showhand logo

ShowHand is an advanced blockchain platform created to bring a fast, secure and trustless structure for the global gaming ecosystem. Our goal is to make gaming more inclusive, fair and decentralized.



Snode LogoSnode is an innovative blockchain-based ecosystem that aims at providing an integrated environment for multiple blockchain-based services. The core value of Snode is masternode solution with a wide range of high quality masternode services, including shared masternode, referral bonus, mining pool, etc.

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Vitae LogoVitae provides prosperity through POS (Proof-of-Stake), Master Node, Super Node and their own Social Rewards Website. Their vision is to change the world and bring freedom back to the individuals.

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WPP Energy: A repository for disruptive green energy and environmental technologies which they build or intend to build, own, operate and maintain.



Zest Coin Logo

Zestcoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency designed for cyclical good. The focus is on dedicated Masternode Pools which are built on the principles of altruism and giving back to the global community with the power of Blockchain technology.

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Coinmarketcap LogoCoinMarketCap reports on the trading activities of thousands of markets but does not directly sell any cryptocurrency.




Crypto Bridge: Gateway to Decentralized Trading





IDAX (International Digital Asset Exchange) company is originated from GBC (Global Blockchain Research Center), an international blockchain research center and it’s a global digital assets service platform that is designed for blockchain exchange research.


Kalkulus Logo Kalkulus is a decentralized, open-source, and peer-to-peer digital asset that offers instant anonymous transactions in a stable and well designed economic model offering a long-term and perfectly balanced passive income for stakers and masternodes holders.

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masternode live logo

Masternode Live is recognized as a leader in masternode monitoring services.

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masternodes online logo

Masternodes Online is recognized as a leader in masternode monitoring services.

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Masternodes Pro is recognized as a leader in masternode monitoring services.

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Simex Global LogoSIMEX Digital assets exchange provides a method of funding businesses, which allows almost anyone to invest as little or as much as they like; mostly through their online service. Secondary market allows to exit of the deal and fix the result on any stage of implementation of successful campaign.



Sistemkoin LogoSistemkoin is a Crypto exchange based in Turkey. Deposit and withdraw coins, quickly and easily.