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Our original sending and receiving technology was (and still is) unmatched in its ingenuity and functionality. The protocols developed have served as strong foundations for AirWire’s platform. This foundation was crucial as we added layer upon layer of functionality and built out an entire enterprise of features that would one day facilitate our goal of mass adoption.

We are nearing the anniversary of AirWire’s release and the time has come to usher in the high-impact platform we’ve all been waiting for! For the next six weeks, we will be releasing a suite of features, updates, partnerships, and new portals. The breadth and scope of these releases are unrivaled in the history of AirWire. For both companies and individuals, WIRE will be a necessity as a currency and/or fee settlement mechanism to deploy and utilize key operational features inside AirWire’s ecosystem. The following is a list of upcoming releases:

Earn Portal

Airdrops, bounties, polls, trivia, and more!

With the Earn portal, AirWire community members will enjoy multiple opportunities to acquire a variety of coins and tokens from cryptocurrency projects we’ve partnered with. Businesses, social media influencers, and individuals can set up reward opportunities for everyone in the ecosystem inside the Earn portal. There is no better way to engage and grow your influence and network! Referrals for new platform users are the best in the industry. Simply drop in multiple friend’s phone numbers, emails, or Twitter handles, and both parties are rewarded with WIRE and partner tokens when the referee registers on AirWire. WIRE tokens will be required as the fee settlement for all opportunities deployed by our partners inside the Earn portal.

iOS and Android Apps

AirWire will be releasing phase 1 of a 5-phase roadmap for developing our premier cryptocurrency app which will encompass all of our current and future technology.

Initial features include:

  • Swiftx for faster transactions
  • Bip38 encryption of private keys
  • Node-Changing feature for enhanced network connections
  • Wallet backup capabilities for added security
  • Built in QR scanner to instantly copy addresses into your address book 

With these mobile applications, we can combine wallet functionality with future functionality  such as social media, merchant services, and a host of other consumer services.

Coin Listing Portal

What better way to bring in more projects and more communities than a coin listing? Not every quality coin is funded by Tim Draper or advised by Vitalik Buterin. However, there are great coins with great communities that are severely underfunded or underrated. We want to shine a light on these projects by bringing them into our ecosystem. Not only can we list coins on our platform—which gives them technology they don’t currently have—but they’ll be able to tap into resources like our Earn and Advertising portals to grow and educate a wider user-base. AirWire will adhere to a strict vetting process to ensure high quality projects and select a few cryptocurrencies per month for the Coin Listing portal. Each project will have a pre-designated WIRE token goal to meet. This goal can be met with “donations” from the company, their community, AirWire’s community, and anyone else who wants to participate. From the incoming project’s perspective, the most beneficial aspect of these donations is that the WIRE amount is credited to them to grow their network. AirWire will set up a WIRE token treasury for each company to draw from for payment of all fees incurred while utilizing the platform.

Advertising Portal

With the new Advertising portal, companies and individuals, inside and outside of blockchain, will be able to run advertisements through the AirWire platform.

AirWire is becoming a bustling metropolis of partners and functionality. It is only natural that our user-base becomes increasingly attractive to advertisers. Advertisements are permission based meaning each user will only interact with the ads they have chosen. AirWire will not operate this portal by the traditional business model, where only the companies benefit. Just like the Earn portal, users who choose to engage these advertisements will be rewarded with coins for doing so by the participating advertisement companies.

For a company looking to efficiently spend their marketing budget, AirWire will be an obvious solution. Companies will embed a video into the AirWire platform. Users can only claim rewards after they’ve watched 100% of the video. From a marketing standpoint, this is nothing like Facebook and YouTube, who take your marketing dollars with no guarantee anyone will view your advertisement (and no way to validate the way blockchain technology can!). WIRE will be utilized as a requirement for fees and rewards inside the Advertising portal.

New Partnerships

AirWire will be releasing announcements for many new partnerships over the coming weeks. We have been working on dynamic integrations where AirWire will have connectivity and functionality on partner’s websites and apps.

Website Updates

AirWire is updating our website with a sleek redesign to showcase the many new features we have developed. We aren’t, and never intended to be, just a sending and receiving platform. With all the new updates, we want to make sure our community and potential future partnerships aren’t left guessing what their options are.

Marketplace Portal

Lastly, we would like to announce another portal, currently under development; the Marketplace portal. The Marketplace will offer products and services from AirWire, our partners, and affiliates that can be purchased using any cryptocurrency listed on our platform! AirWire will be engaging non-crypto companies to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment to rapidly expand this ecosystem. First will be a store to convert any gift card to cryptocurrency.

While the entire industry has been trudging through this so-called “Crypto Winter,” AirWire has kept its head down and focused on constant development of new and amazing features. The sun is coming out and the AirWire thaw is underway!

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