We’re Plugging in New Coins at AirWire

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The WIRE utility token was the first to be integrated into the AirWire platform. It has the capability to be sent or received across any digital medium with AirWire’s advanced transmission protocols. We expanded our reach even further with our patent-pending protocols which allow crypto to be easily sent and received without the recipient needing to pre-setup a digital wallet.

We have since integrated the first set of partnership coins including: AmChart (AMC), ShowHand (HAND), 4NEW (KWATT), and ArtChain Global (ACG); granting them access to all the breakthrough technology the AirWire platform has to offer.

AirWire currently has 22 partnerships with many more to come. Each partner will require WIRE tokens, not only for our sending and receiving capabilities, but also for our AirDrop and Bounty features. Our partners agree there is no better way to grow their user base or transmit their token than through AirWire’s technology. By partnering with AirWire, we are providing every company who participates in our platform’s community ecosystem an opportunity to join forces as we take the next steps toward mass adoption.

Great news!

We’re now plugging in some new coins! New coins means more options for our community. Please welcome the newest coin integrations into the AirWire Platform

Bitcoin Green (BITG)

bitcoin green logo

Snode (SND)

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Muxe Logo


Zest Coin Logo


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