WIRE Now Trackable on Delta.App

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AirWire is proud to announce its presence in Delta.app, an amazing cryptocurrency tracker app. With Delta.app you can keep track of +3000 cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin) and many altcoins, including WIRE token. You can now use this free app to get the latest prices and market charts in local currency and get alerts to make sure you don’t miss your next crypto investment.

Delta.app has some great features: a clear overview of your total portfolio, simple connection between your portfolio with exchanges and wallet, customized notifications, complete market overview, huge library of coins, ICO support, detailed trading analysis, multiple portfolios, and continuous development.

You can download Delta.app for free from this page: https://delta.app/

There are two versions, one for mobile (Android and iOS devices) and one for Windows (64-bit). One more feature is iOS/Android app seamlessly syncs with your Windows app.

From now on, Wire token can be added as part of your complete portfolio review with Delta.app. AirWire is always looking to get more partnerships, alliances and features 

for its Wire token and its great community.

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